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IOL Explantation through Smallest Incisions.

The sturdy and sharp scissors and the secure grasping forceps of the new Snyder-Osher instrument set allow astigmatism neutral IOL explantation through smallest incisions.

Systems & Accessories

UNO Colorline MACH2

The Double-Blade Efficiency.

The new MACH2 vitreous cutter allows for a quick core vitrectomy and a safe vitreous base shaving. Excellent cutting results due to its unique double-blade and a cutting rate up to 5,000 cpm.


Brilliant Peel

Even more Brilliant than ever!

Perfect peeling results of the Inner Limiting Membrane (ILM) through this award-winning, non-toxic and biocompatible staining solution. Brilliant Peel now stains more brilliant than ever.

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