Outstanding quality for highest demands –
made in Germany.

Ophthalmology is an extremely specialized field in medicine which places the highest demands on its surgeons. Modern procedures cannot be performed without precise instruments, innovative systems, highly effective and well tolerated vitreoretinal fluids. By providing such products, the Geuder Group aims to contribute to the success and ongoing development of the procedures in anterior and posterior eye segment surgeries.

Traditional craftmanship combined with research and development
For more than 60 years the Geuder Group has combined its handcraft tradition with technological developments. As the parent company of the Geuder Group, Geuder AG develops, produces and markets ophthalmic products for the latest surgical techniques. We continue to expand our position in the global market as well as meet the increased demands placed on us by surgeons through constant expansion of our product portfolio, investments and company acquisitions.

Close collaboration with leading ophthalmic surgeons
Geuder represents innovation and research. That is why we rely on the most highly qualified product developers available: ophthalmic surgeons themselves. They work on a daily basis with our ophthalmic surgical instruments, systems and vitreoretinal fluids. Through collaboration with them, we form the basis for our groundbreaking innovations. Our success has justified this approach – the Geuder Group is now one of the world’s leading full-service providers of ophthalmological products.

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  • More than 60 years of ophthalmic manufacturing tradition
  • Full-service provider of ophthalmic instruments, systems and vitreoretinal fluids
  • Variety of 3,000 ophthalmic products
  • Delivering to more than 90 countries in the world
  • More than 220 employees at the headquarters in Heidelberg


Our affiliated company Fluoron GmbH provides retinal surgeons from around the world with ultrapure biomaterials for a wide range of medical applications.

Fluoron markets innovative silicone oil tamponades, perfluorocarbones and semifluorinated alkanes for intraoperative use. One of the most successful developments of Fluoron is the biocompatible ILM dye Brilliant Peel.