Precise cornea marking for premium toric IOLs – flexible, precise, easy.

Precise conformity between the axis of astigmatism and torus of the IOL determines the refractive result and patient well-being when implanting toric IOLs. The new cornea marker TOMARK makes it possible to indicate the final torus position on the cornea. The indication is done while patient is sitting upright to prevent faulty markings due to cyclotorsion. The high-precision marking is the basis for best vision prognosis. Even for assistant personnel cornea marking will be simple, fast and reliable with the TOMARK.


The adjustable cornea marker offers variable use, either on the slit lamp or in combination with the hand-held pendulum instrument.


Cornea marking at a reclining patient is subject to be off by up to 11° due to cyclotorsion. TOMARK makes precise marking possible because the patient is sitting upright, which eliminates this source of error. 15° discrepancy of the calculated axis could result in up to 50% loss of the correction of astigmatism. Direct adjustment of the angle with an accuracy of 5° enables TOMARK to accurately mark the calculated cylinder axis.


TOMARK will soak up enough dye by briefly pressing it onto the ink-pad. In many cases an eye speculum is not necessary which enhances patient comfort. At the slit lamp the cornea marker is simply plugged into the tonometer fixation device and adjusted to the horizontal axis of the tonometer fixation device. After plugging the cornea marker to the hand-held pendulum instrument the horizontal line can be adjusted here as well. The required angle is simply adjusted on the well readable scale.