Highlights in the posterior segment


  • noTRACTION – maximum safety at the vitreous base
  • Perfect aspiration management with the UNO Colorline MACH2Vitrector
  • Revolutionary hybrid pump system with hot-switch function and venturi-effect in the peristaltic mode
  • Medication timer


  • Liquidisation of the vitreous material at 12,000 cpm*
  • Optimum duty cycle management system
  • Fast core vitrectomy
  • Integrated endoTRON®532 control

Cost effectiveness

  • Internal compressor
  • Low, controllable case costs
  • Complete downward compatibility

Cost effectiveness

  • Maximum modularization and upgradability
  • Freely configurable accessories in all standard sizes
  • Combined foot switch for endoTRON®532 and megaTRONHPS
  • Text-to-speech in eight different languages
  • Input languages: Various European languages, Arabic and Chinese

* In conjunction with UNO Colorline MACH2 Vitrector